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Taxilnk is a transportation service that links minibus drivers to multiple customers at a time.

The app uses google maps to detect the pick up location and destination of customers. Then the app estimates arrival time of the taxi and the fare the customer can expect. The customer can also pay with card, thus ensuring safety of the customer.

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The taxi industry is massive in South Africa, starting to thrive in 1987 and contribute billions to the informal economy. Roughly R 90 billion per year.

According to the National Taxi Alliance spokesperson Theo Malele, the industry now employs about 600 000 people.

This is a lot of unrecognized potential ...


Taxilnk will make the lives of millions of South Africans easier.

Market Share

Taxilnk aims to tap into 10% of the R 90 billion per year taxi industry.


Taxilnk will forever be evolving in the pioneering of new technology.


Approximately 15 million South Africans use taxi's as a means of transportation, with around 200 000 taxis in circulation. The taxi industry has its own shares of challenges, an article made from President Ramaphosa can be seen here.

The daily commute to work and home of potential doctors, nurses and teachers can be unsafe and dangerous at times. These commuters would dread the trip if they got into a taxi where the driver is not a good driver. The taxi violence has gotten out of control, as can be seen here. There must be a better way.

The better way is Taxilnk.


The taxi industry is filled with exploitation and manipulation of the drivers and customers. The drivers of the taxi are often thought to be the ones not to suffer financally from the mis-management in the taxi industry, but they do.

The taxi's neglection of the rules of the road and safety has led to unnecessary loss of life for some South Africans. The pandemic has resulted in numerous rules for safety and health of the population being in place, the majority of the taxi's disregard these rules. We need a better system that's more professional and makes life easier for the driver and customer.

We need Taxilnk.

Features of Taxilnk



The app uses google maps to detect the pick up location and destination of customers. The customer can also pay with card, thus ensuring safety of the customer.



The app connects the taxi driver to multiple customers from different locations. This is the main difference to Uber and other similar companies. Thus offering a massive competitive advantage.



The customer knows the fare to expect for their trip aswell as the estimated arrival time - all shown on the Taxilnk app.


Rules & Regulations

Taxilnk checks up on each taxi to ensure they dont have outstanding fines and the condition of the taxi is checked too.

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